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How to achieve SSO CAS between Alfresco Client and Liferay?

Question asked by pmminov on Feb 9, 2010
Hi, many ppl talk about SSO between Liferay and CAS

when you deploy the services as portlets, 5 of the 6 portlets won't need CAS to have SSO, the one missing is the Alfresco Client, it will prompt you to the guest view all the time

so far it seems that a filter for authentication must be created so it gets the CAS tickets Liferay use

I've seen pepole working on this for years, posts since 207, so, or everyone forgot about this or someone know the answer…

I've also been studying the solution from Jonas Yuan, on the cignex site, where he does achieve this, but I requiere it to work without LDAP and in my own SSO server and with newer versions than the ones he provide there

Anybody plz?