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final step: extracter to aspect

Question asked by tbee on Feb 9, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2010 by tbee
I'm so damn close in getting this to work that it's almost driving me nuts.

In Alfresco 3.2r I have created a PDF extractor replacement, it works fine and writes the values I want to the standard fields.
I also create a set of custom aspects, created a business rule so that they are automatically assigned to each and every document that is inserted in the repository.
And now I need to link the two.

I'm able to link a custom value of the extracter, say "company", to a standard field, for example "author". In the properies file that comes with the extractor I add:

Works fine. I know I have working aspects; I can enter these when ever a document is added via de web interface. So all that is left binding my working custom extracter value to this custom aspect. Like this:

Not. Why?

I also created the custom-metadata-extrators-context.xml (this is a duplication of what is defined in the AMP file), but that does not make a difference.

    <bean id="extracter.PDFBox" class="org.alfresco.repo.content.metadata.PdfBoxMetadataExtracterXmp" parent="baseMetadataExtracter" >
        <property name="inheritDefaultMapping">
        <property name="mappingProperties">
                <prop key="">tenbrinke.model</prop>
                <prop key="company">my:company</prop>