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4.0a Missing (possibly misplaced) message texts

Question asked by rjohnson on Feb 10, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2012 by resplin
I was working through creating a custom content model (using Jeff Potts great paper on and having successfully created and loaded a model I switched an existing document to one of my new content types. I noticed that having selected my new type and clicked OK the pop up message displayed "message.change-type.success" and not an appropriate message text. This generally means that the message text isn't set in the properties file against the message descriptor so I went off to find the appropriate file and add it.

As this was clearly a missing "standard" message text I went off looking in the core Alfresco Share files because it should be in them and not in an extension. In effect, omitting the message texts is a low importance bug.

By comparing with the Aspects functionality, I came to the conclusion that the message texts should be in and its associated language variants because the aspects messages are in aspects.get.messages and its associated language variants. I added the messages and nothing changed.

More routing around suggested that all these "common" messages had been moved to (and associated language variants). So I added the messages there. That didn't achieve anything either.

After a lot more ferreting around, and finding an article in French on 3.2r, it seemed that the messages might be meant to be in share/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/site-webscripts/org/alfresco/components/document-details/ (and its associated language variants). I added them there and bingo, I got proper messages.

Now, one way or another I think this is a bug in 4.0a but I don't know exactly what to report. I think that the bug is:-

"change-type popup messages (message.change-type.success and message.change-type.failure) are missing in the download of 4.0a and the system is looking in the wrong place for them as well because they should be in or but in fact have to go in for them to be picked up. I do not believe this is fixed in 4.0b or c because there is no JIRA notice for this."

My concern is that I am not sufficiently expert to make that full statement because although I know the messages are missing and I know where to put them to solve the immediate problem I am not sure where they actually "should" be and I do not want to raise a bad JIRA.

Can anyone thoroughly expert in the design principals of Alfresco Share help me out so that I can post a proper JIRA?


Bob Johnson