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No network path for CIFS

Question asked by dave on Feb 9, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2010 by arsenal_pook

I am trying to map a network drive with CIFS but can´t get it done.

I have installed alfresco 3.2 enterprise trial on my server (Windows 2003) and can access it from my workstation via Internet Explorer with Everything works fine.

Now I want to map a network drive with my workstation Windows XP.

1)My Computer -> Tools -> Map Network Drive
2) Drive: Z: ; Folder: \\\alfresco

But I get the error message "the network path \\\alfresco was not found"

Are there more steps to be done or maybe some steps before mapping the drive from my workstation, or does somewhere exist a step by step introduction?
In this forum the most topic says, that in 3.2 CIFS is automatecily configured by starting the server.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance