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Can't delete ONLY childrens of space

Question asked by lagreen on Oct 9, 2009
Hello, everyone :)
I have a problem with Alfresco delete functionality. There are two permission types: DeleteNode and DeleteChildren. The DeleteNode (if i get it right) gives permission to delete space and DeleteChildren gives permission to delete content and sub-spaces within a space.

But it doesn't work. The delete function works if both premission types are set and you can delete the parrent node too.
I really need to delete only CONTENT and SUB-SPACES within a space, NOT the whole parrent space.

I read a lot of disscussions in this forums but i only managed to found something about public-services-security-context.xml, but without any directions what changes i have to make with that file.

So i'm really looking forward to here some diresctions from you :)