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ArrayList<ArrayList<Object>> in datatype any

Question asked by glaenen on Feb 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2012 by mrogers

I'm trying to fill a datatype "any" property with an object of the type ArrayList<ArrayList<Object>>.
This is working well but I have a strange behaviour when adding an ArrayList<ArrayList<Object>> with only 1 entry on the highest level,
in this case alfresco seems to change the submitted property to ArrayList<Object> and thus putting all the elements of the second level Arraylist into separate elements of the highest level arraylist. (I hope my explanation is a bit clear :-) )

This causes problems when adding extra entry's later on because when the initial submit contained only
one entry the property returned by the nodeservice is an ArrayList<Object> and otherwise it an ArrayList<ArrayList<Object>>.
I've a work around by adding a header entry when first setting this property but I would prefer not having to put this header.

Is there an explanation why Alfresco is changing the type of a submitted object?