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Problems at Data Import via CIFS

Question asked by sfreeper on Feb 10, 2010
Hello Together,

We are using Alfresco Community Edition 3.2r on a SuSE 10.1 Box  and we are trying to import the Files from our Samba Server with rsync over the CIFS Module of Alfresco.

This seems to work at the Beginning but has some problems.

Well, we are starting this job via a VPN Line (The Samba and Alfresco Server, are on the Same Local Network, so don't worry here ;-) ) and when we get a disconnect from the VPN Line (the rsync job takes longer than 24hours!) the rsync stops. Normally this is no problem with rsync. you just restart it and it sees, which data has already been moved. But here it is different. Our RSync always recognizes all data as new and restarts the Job from Scratch. So we really have a problem importing our data.

Does anybody know, why rsync behaviours like this, when copying data to alfresco? Or is there a better way to import our Files?

Every Help is appreciated!
Thanks a lot in Advance,