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Putting Java-backed WebScript class files in custom location

Question asked by hyperation on Oct 9, 2009

I am wondering if there is a way to change the custom Java-backed webscript (class files) location from the 'alfresco/web-inf/classes/com/something/something' location to let's say a global shared location.

I am running Alfresco on tomcat, there are two apps on that tomcat instance:


Currently, both apps are able to pick up custom Javascript WebScript from the 'tomcat/shared' folder.  (.ftl .js .xml files are located in there, even the implementation files for the java-backed webscript are in there too)
Hence, my goal is to move the compiled .class files from the original location to that shared folder and I am wondering if it is possible and if so what are the necessary steps I need to make it work.  I've tried moving the class files and directories there directly and moving the libraries too, but the app couldn't start up.

file structure: