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Question asked by thierensbart on Oct 12, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2009 by thierensbart

I'm writing an application that uses the Alfresco Web Services.

I created my own logger to log progress, but in the output I see the Alfresco SDK logging something aswell.

[2009-10-12 11:51:56] ——–MIGRATE INITIATED——–
[2009-10-12 11:51:56] starting Alfresco session for user 'admin'
11:51:56,610 DEBUG [webservice.util.WebServiceFactory] Using endpoint
[2009-10-12 11:51:56] session started
[2009-10-12 11:51:56] Alfresco SessionId: 69B54B1F8206FF06BC511A625CCBBF71
[2009-10-12 11:51:56] Alfresco Ticket: TICKET_20e208c18e567fd247b258fd966c5219c306a769

Can I use the logger that Alfresco is using aswell, too keep things consistent?

If so, in what package is the logger located?