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4.0d, mysql and logging in

Question asked by gregcpx on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by gregcpx
I have been trying (and trying and trying) to install Alfresco with MySQL for several days now.  The instructions are not exactly the best, but I have followed them to the letter.

1. Installed MySQL
2. Created DB, user, password, utf8, allowed remote connections, and all of the other goodies for MySQL
3. Installed the alfresco software, unchecked Postgresql, and added the correct user, passoword, URL (tried several in fact), driver, etc.
4. Modified the global properties to ensure that everything looked good (and kept the utf8 thingy at the end of the connection url)
5. Started up Alfresco

I can't login with any user. Just keeps telling me invalid.  I am not 100% sure what is wrong.  I do see all kinds of error messages but not exactly sure what to copy/paste into here.

Anyone with guidance?
4.0 with mysql seems a bit Murkey to say the least and SQL Server or Oracle install is a bit over kill for just testing something out, and I don't know PostgreSQL and I can't install something that I can't have the ability to control (ie: I don't know PostgreSQL and the tools to support PG are very lacking as well as the ability to manage it).

Thanks in advance