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Custom Icon associations

Question asked by smurf7 on Oct 12, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2009 by shivshan
Hi All,

Probably a simple enough solution but I can't seem to find the answer searching and it's perhaps because I don't know the right way to phrase it but what I'd like is to have cusom icons for various filetypes appear in the Share interface's Document Library.

So i'll be using my DL for various media types to build elearning courses with so for example underneath a particular courses parent folder I might have an 'Audio' folder which contains .mp3's or a 'Demos' folder which contains .avi's and .swf files.

What I'd like is that the default icon that shows up when you browse these folders content itesms now (two cogs) is replaced by something more appropriate that I pick, for example a musical note (like on itunes) for all my mp3's

I'm sure somewhere I can set these kind of things based on file extensions but I just can't see where.