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ALFRES~1 dir created after upgrading from 4.0b to 4.0d

Question asked by mmccudden on Feb 14, 2012
Hi, this is my first post (newbie here).

Last week I updated from 4.0b to 4.0d on a windows 2008 server.

I had 4.0b installed in c:\Alfresco4b and decided to move it to a more standard folder name c:\Alfresco (to make further updates easier).

I managed to get everything up and running but to my surprise shortly after starting the server Alfresco created a new folder c:\ALFRES~1…

Inside this folder Alfresco created a solr file structure:

No files are in C:\ALFRES~1\alf_data just the solr folder and subfolders…

I have all the contentstore files in c:\Alfresco\alf_data. I also have a Solr folder structure there too c:\Alfresco\alf_data\Solr.

In share I can create new tags and they show up in the tag counters but when I search for a tag I just get the pre 4.0d results. The newly tagged files don’t show up in the Search.

In the C:\ALFRES~1\alf_data\solr\archive\SpacesStore\index folder files are being modified and have today’s date and the last update was about 10 minutes ago.

If I check the same folder in c:\Alfresco\alf_data\Solr\archive\SpacesStore\index no updating is being done…

My bet is that I have some solr path mismatched along the way, I have tried to search for an old reference in windows but can't find anything.

I have the correct dir.root in

Any ideas of where to hunt down the problem?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Michael Mc Cudden