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portal integration / JSR-168 Authenticator & webscripts

Question asked by mhanisch on Oct 12, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2009 by chicco0386

I'm currently working on integrating Alfresco 3 Enterprise and Liferay 5.2.3 in an environment using NTLM SSO. (Both systems sync users from Active Directory and have been configured correctly to do NTLM authentication.)

Alfresco's web script runtime has been deployed inside Liferay and I have a WebscriptPortlet running in Liferay that connects to the remote Alfresco repository to access some content. (For easier deployment we've deployed all of Alfresco Share rather than packaging just the webscript runtime.)

I've tried to configure Alfresco's JSR-168 runtime to use the JSR-168 Authenticator as described on - but it seems to me like this is not possible:
The JSR168AuthenticatorFactory  seems to rely on services that are available only on the repository tier, but not on the portal-tier where I deployed the webscript runtime - to me it looks like it's impossible to use the JSR-168 authenticator when the webscript runtime is deployed outside the repository's VM.

Can anyone confirm this or am I missing something here?

Deploying just the (presentation) webscript runtime inside a portal container and then making remote calls to the repo tier webscripts seems like a brilliant setup,  however, when you cannot use the JSR-168 authenticator it looks like a dead end.

Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas and insights!