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Version object which has child-association via Aspect

Question asked by colindstephenson on Feb 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2011 by colindstephenson
I am creating an object and attaching an aspect to it through a custom webscript.  This aspect contains a single property and a child association of cm:content.  When I modify the object, I create a new txt object which I link to the child-association.  When I view object, the child association (attached via the aspect) is available.  I can also verify this through the javascript debugger.

If I delete the object, the child-associated content gets deleted as well, so the relationships are working as expected.  Now, if I enable versioning and look at the object through version history, I see, through the javascript debugger that the my aspect is attached to the versioned object, but it does not maintain the child association.  The aspect property it preserved as expected.

Is there something else I need to do when versioning documents which contain a child-association via an aspect so that its respected through the version store?

Thanks in advance.