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webform on google chrome browser not working

Question asked by surajz on Feb 11, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2010 by carry2web
I sometimes get weird error when I try to fill out the web form in google chrome.

Please provide values for all required fields
Please provide a valid value for 'Body'. 'Body' is a required 'String' value.

The body field is not empty; the web form works when I use firefox.

Some times on google chrome next button does not show up on 'Step One - Web Content Details' of web form after I fill out the form. I have to close the browser and login again to make it work.

I am working on templates, so I need to update xsd and ftl files often, and update the web form content to view the change. So I need to use 2 browser, One to update the xsd and ftl and another browser to update the webform. Multiple browser tabs does not work very well because it messes with JSF view/state.
And I cannot bookmark the 2 page location because the URL is not distinct and even if it were, it would mess up JSF state.