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Searching entire Alfresco from Share site

Question asked by mike54 on Oct 13, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2009 by norgan
I'm planning to use Alfresco as a main document management and Share site mainly for developers, who can create Blog posts or publish documents in document library.

Through the normal Alfresco interface when I search something, I will get results from both regular Alfresco spaces and from Site space (that includes posts and share document library).

On the other hand when I search from Share site, I will only get results from Share document library and blogs, wiki etc.
Even when I change to All sites.

Is there any way to search through all of the documents in Alfresco repository from Share site?

I have decided to use Alfresco/Share combo mainly because I was hoping for unified document storage and single search for all blogs, wiki, documents.
If a developer is searching for information about something that was done in the past, he does not care that much what site does this document belong, or if it was published in main Alfresco repo.

Please advise :)