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execute rule after parallel review

Question asked by nibot on Feb 16, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2012 by jpotts

I am currently writing my bachelor thesis on alfresco (working with alfresco 4.0.d) and I have to get some things working.
Now I ran into a problem regarding rules and advanced workflows.

My professor demands an internal publishing function (moving a document from one site to another after a successful parallel review and approval). Everything should be manageable for the user from the share page.
I tried to design a simple rule on the directory checking the values of bpm:outcome, bpm:percentComplete, bpm:status, wf:actualPercent and even wf:reviewOutcome, that should get activated when the document gets approved.

How could I implement this function?

Needles to say I do not know my way around in alfresco that well.
My second problem is defining a scheduled revision of published documents after one year. Currently I do not have any questions on this topic, but I know this function would be included in the RM-Module of alfresco which is not jet released for 4.0.d.

Thanks in advance,