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LINKASPECT, ASSOCTYPEQNAME and some secrets of PATH queries

Question asked by dbachem on Oct 13, 2009
Recently we needed to classificy some of our categories - so we added the cm:classifiable aspect the some cm:category nodes. Like always in our work with alfresco we must ask ourselfs:

:?: [size=150]What are the side effects?[/size]

The CategoryService ( will start to treat the categorized categories as children of the categories with whome they are categorized.

This is because LuceneCategoryServiceImpl.getChildren(..) uses a PATH query extended by "+TYPE:"cm:category" to examine whether the matching node is a subcategory or not. Because of that also the JavaScript API will return wrong results using myCategory.subcategories / myCategory.immediateSubcategories.

I tried to find a workaround using LINKASPECT and/or ASSOCTYPEQNAME instead of TYPE:"cm:category", but the only thing i found out is that neither of both is usable, nor there is any usecase or documentation for that.

At the moment I'm using alfresco labs 3.0, but i saw, hat the implementation of the LuceneCategoryServiceImpl didn't change. But maybe the LINKASPECT/ASSOCTYPEQNAME problems has been fixed after 3.0?!

Can please anybody give some information?