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Error when deleting a multi-filed file

Question asked by sjeandroz on Feb 16, 2012

I have some files who are multi-filed (there are in multiple locations, I have used the CMIS function addObjectToFolder() to do this).
Everything works great but when I want to delete this file, there are some problems:
   - If I delete it from the web-interface, there is no error but when I delete it using Webdav, the document is deleted in the database and in the first location of the file, but not in the others locations.
   - If I click (from the web interface) on the "view detail" button of this node in the others locations (the locations on where the node is not deleted), I have the following message "Unable to find the repository item referenced by Id: df9ddd00-087b-4da5-8def-d797d3b78998 - the record has probably been deleted from the database."

So I think the node is deleted from the database but not completely in the file-system (not in all locations of the node)

Can someone help me?

thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english…