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Alfresco WCM maintenance

Question asked by lynnders on Feb 16, 2012
We've been using Alfresco WCM for just over 3 years.

Our Alfresco database backup is 1.5GB and takes 12 hours to restore. I've been having a look at some of the larger tables and I've noticed that the JBPM_LOG table has over 2.5 million rows.

I read this Jira where it says
JBPM_LOG is only ever used for reporting on the auditing of workflow from a JBPM perspective (i.e. not an Alfresco perspective), and the table can be truncated without harm to Alfresco.

I'm thinking about truncating this table, but before I do I thought I would check - has anybody else truncated this table and were there any issues?

We're using:
Alfresco 3.2r Community
Mysql 5.0.88