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CMIS and development independance

Question asked by nikes on Feb 12, 2010
Dear All,

I'm very much interested in knowing whether CMIS is 100% independent of language (client code) and repository or not.

What I understand is there are two ways to use CMIS
1) CMIS Web Services
2) RESTful API

All ECM vendors (eg. Documentum, Alfresco, Filenet etc) implement CMIS Web Service in different ways, though we can access these services using CMIS standard API (same method name and parameters).

Web Service:
I observed that Alfresco has its own namespace when we receive repose from those services.

My question is, is it a dependent on repository or web services wraps the namespaces of underlying repository?

Lets say if I develop stand alone client in Java using Apache AXIS for Alfresco, can I use same client for other repositories?
If not 100%, what type of changes will be required?


Does all CMIS compliant repository support RESTful implementation?

Can I use same RESTful client for Alfresco, Documentum, Filenet or Sharepoint?