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Content transformation - TIFF to PDF/Word not working

Question asked by shikarishambu on Oct 13, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2009 by nowhere
I have created rules to transform TIFF to PDF and TIFF to Word. It seems to fire and I see corresponding PDF and Word documents being created. However, these turn out to be TIFFs with PDF and Word extensions and not documents in pdf/ word format.

I noticed a post regarding a similar issue with v3.0. I am on v3.2, is this still an issue or am I missing some configuration that actually does the transformation.

And, in an attempt to force the transformation I tried downloading libtiff library and using tiff2pdf transform as outlined

However, for some reason Alfresco cannot resolve the location of my exe on Windows, even though I have specified it in as shown below.


My guess is it has to do with the fact that was a pre 3.2 config tool. I am not sure where to specify external exes in v3.2