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Xpath search number issue

Question asked by alvisccc on Oct 14, 2009
Hello All,

I am a new user to alfresco,please help me.

I define a new custom model in alfresco and  add a property field in it like this

<property name="custom:telNo">
            <title>Telephone Number</title>

inside my customModel.xml.I insert a number "12345678" into the telephone Number field when add a new content.When i perform a xpath searching on "custom:telNo" property field by using telephone number "12345678",No result is come out.My xpath search query looks like this:

Query query = new Query(
     " PATH :\"//cm:amy//*\""+
     " AND @custom\\:telNo:12345678"+

Is the problem that i define property "custom:telNo" is a "d:text" type,but using a number "12345678" to search it.Alfresco can't recognize it? Or may be change the xpath query ,please help me.

Thanks .