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Content for Products - High Level Question

Question asked by garethdjames on Feb 14, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2010 by garethdjames
I am researching alfresco as a possible ECM for an ecommerce organisation. I have a high-level question about rendering content for dynamic pages.

Pages within the site will be rendered using a MVC JSP application from a product database, products are managed in the product management system.

I understand that I can manage the JSPs using WCM in alfresco, basically publishing the JSPs to the web servers so they continue to run as before, enabling business users to effectively manage the JSPs. (correct??)

What I want to know is about managing content for individual products, i.e. the organisation sells Product A and Product A has lots of product content that they would like to manage (images, descriptions, related products, ratings etc.).

Would I create forms allowing the business to manage content with this being published to the content repository, and therefore at runtime (page generation) query the content repository using REST to get the content required and then join this into the application rendering? If so how would you suggest that I marry the products to the product content (product ID??)

I'm guessing that I can use the content repository to do this, and by reading the web scripts wiki it looks like I can do this - but is this the best way to implement this?

Any insight and shared experience would be gladly appreciated