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Themes / templates (newbie question)

Question asked by thiskey on Feb 14, 2010
I'm exploring the possibilities of using Alfresco to create a web project (in collaboration with a developer) and downloaded Alfresco Community today.

Having used Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, etc, I'm used to out-of-the-box "themes" (Drupal) and "templates" (Joomla), both free and commercial. For a hobbiest designer like me, these are very helpful. So here's my newbie question: is there any mechanism for applying out-of-the-box themes with Alfresco? If so, do any sites exist which supply these themes, and/or are any shared by the Alfresco community?

If not, I presume any Alfresco website must be designed from the ground up each time (could you confirm?).

I have tried to find information on this, and perhaps I've looked straight through it, but I can't find a simple answer.

If anyone could give me an overview of how themes work in Alfresco (if at all), it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for your time,