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Installing 3.2r Records Management on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

Question asked by lgezeli on Oct 14, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2010 by ivan.plestina
I have a good alfresco 3.2r server, installed from scratch, on Ubuntu 8.04, but I am not able to fully install DOD Records Managments.

Here are the steps I followed more than once:

sudo /opt/Alfresco/ stop
cd /opt/Alfresco/amps
sudo wget
sudo wget
sudo chmod 755 alf*.amp
sudo /opt/Alfresco/apply_amps
cd /tmp
chmod 755 AlfrescoRMCommunity-3.2r-Linux-x86-Install
sudo ./AlfrescoRMCommunity-3.2r-Linux-x86-Install
sudo /opt/Alfresco/ start

The DOD modules are loading according to alfresco.log.  A Records Management folder was installed under Company Homes/Data Dictionary.  But I don't see a Records Management dashlet when I log in as admin to /share and click Customize Dashboard / Add Dashlet. 

Note: I previously copied the amps and install file to a local web server (toto).

I suspect the problem is AlfrescoRMCommunity-3.2r-Linux-x86-Install.  It runs very quickly and this is the full result:

This will install Alfresco Records Management Community on your computer.
Continue? [n/Y] Y

Where is your existing Alfresco server installed? [/opt/Alfresco]

Installing Alfresco Records Management Community…   Installing Program Files…

How can I check to see if it installed anything?