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Hiding links in header messes up entire site?

Question asked by gronfelt on Oct 15, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2009 by gronfelt
I've got an odd issue, I'm trying to hide the links in the header (My Dashboard and so on) on one of my installations, because I wan't to keep the users on one site. So I comment out this part in header.get.html.ftl:

      <#if !isGuest>
      <div class="personal-menu">
         <span class="menu-item-icon my-dashboard"><a href="${url.context}/page/user/${}/dashboard">${msg("link.myDashboard")}</a></span>
         <span class="menu-item-icon my-profile"><a href="${url.context}/page/user/${}/profile">${msg("link.myProfile")}</a></span>
         <span id="${args.htmlid}-sites-linkMenuButton" class="link-menu-button">
            <span class="menu-item-icon sites link-menu-button-link"><a href="${url.context}/page/site-finder">${msg("link.sites")}</a></span>
            <input id="${args.htmlid}-sites" type="button"/>
         <span class="menu-item-icon people"><a href="${url.context}/page/people-finder">${msg("link.people")}</a></span>

To me that seems pretty self-contained, it's just presentation of a couple of links. However, appearantly there's far more to it than meets the eye, because the result is a real mess: Some buttons don't render ok, the wiki don't parse links (like [[link]]) anymore, the document library cannot be shown (it's just empty) and so on. All this from just not showing a couple of links and a button.

What am I missing?