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RM: How to proceed after installation on Windows

Question asked by jwierda1 on Oct 15, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2009 by carlos.miguens
After first installing the new 3.2r release I was looking how to define a Fileplan.
An earlier experience with 3.0 and RM showed a detailed explanation on installing an AMP and using the Fileplans.
But I did not find a simular cookbook for the latest release.
I also found out that the dod5015 module was not in de module subdir, I thougth I had found the problem and installed the RM install package. It changed de war-file and after deployment a dod5015 module is present.
(Former named RecordsManagement)
But still I can not figure out how to create a Space with a Fileplan.
The Fileplan option is not available (only Folder and Forum space).
Could someone get me further on how to define a Space using a Fileplan?
On the bottom of the Space creation is a message stating:
Note: If you can only see one type of space then other space types may not be enabled. See your System Administrator for further help

Must I enable a RM space Type and how is this done?
Is there a new Administration or User guide available, describing the new Record Management feature?

Thanks in advance.

Jerry Wierda