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Amazon S3 ContentStreamReader/Writer

Question asked by noels on Oct 15, 2009
Hi Everyone

I have been researching a solution for a client who needs to be able to store a large number of resources on an CAS such as S3.  I came across the the excellent presentation available here: and was delighted.  Then I did some more searching to find the code and came up with the thread here: where Luis says that he's not releasing the code.

I have convinced myself that I really need this functionality, and I am most willing to write it.  I've had a look through the Xenit code, and that, as Luis states, looks like an excellent example implementation to follow.  I've used the JetS3t libraries to implement a prototype in Grails, and unless I am missing something, cannot see any major problems implementing the Store.

Before hole myself up and start writing code, I just wanted to check that no-one else had code that already does this (and wanted to share) and that the community thinks that this is a worthwhile piece of work.  I also wanted to get a measure of other people's requirements for such functionality.  If I do this piece of work, what is the process for including it in Alfresco Forge?  I would also be keen to know if anyone would like to review the work and assist with testing.

Kind regards

Noel Sharpe