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Inconsistency in contentModel.xml

Question asked by rjohnson on Feb 21, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2012 by jpotts
Whilst creating a new custom content model for an application, I used Jeff Potts excellent tutorial (version 2) as a way of coming to grips with what I needed to do. I downloaded the source for this tutorial and used the code in share-config-custom as per the pdf.

When I ran the code I got no properties display and a small amount of debugging showed that the audio namespace didn't exist. As I am running 4.0a and this code is tested against 4.0a I found this odd.

Looking further into it, version of contentModel.xml that I have in my installation sure enough did not have the audio namespace declared. A quick search of the internet turned up a version of contentModel.xml that did have the audio namespace and a quick diff on the files showed that my contentModel.xml was missing several other things as well. Namely:-

in namespaces
<namespace uri="" prefix="audio"/>
in cm:rating
in cm:workingcopy aspect

             <index enabled="true">
in cm:workingcopy aspect

            <property name="cm:workingCopyLabel">
The entire audio aspect declaration

      <aspect name="audio:audio">
            <property name="audio:album">
            <property name="audio:artist">
            <property name="audio:composer">
            <property name="audio:engineer">
            <property name="audio:genre">
            <property name="audio:trackNumber">
               <title>Track Number</title>
            <property name="audio:releaseDate">
               <title>Release Date</title>

            <property name="audio:sampleRate">
               <title>Sample Rate</title>
            <property name="audio:sampleType">
               <title>Sample Type</title>
               <description>Audio Sample Type, typically one of 8Int, 16Int, 32Int or 32Float</description>
            <property name="audio:channelType">
               <title>Channel Type</title>
               <description>Audio Channel Type, typically one of Mono, Stereo, 5.1 or 7.1</description>
            <property name="audio:compressor">
               <description>Audio Compressor Used, such as MP3 or FLAC</description>

None of this would (is) a big issue except that the published date and version of the two (different) files is exactly the same, namely


Now, there seems to be a breakdown in the versioning of this file and I do not know which version is packaged up with 4.0d (the current version) but the one packaged up with 4.0a was clearly the wrong one.

Two questions:-
    1. Should I raise JIRA on this?
    2. Can I just copy the contentModel.xml with the "extras" in it over my existing contentModel.xml or are there dependencies?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Bob Johnson