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Drag and drop functionality effect on Offline Edit

Question asked by michaeljensen on Feb 21, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2012 by jpotts
Hello everyone.

My company is currently installing Alfresco 4.0 Enterprise version and we are trying to get a full understanding of Alfresco Shares features.

Can anyone explain the effect of drag and drop functionality on the offline edit concept?

I am trying to conceptually understand how it should work!

When performing an "Offline edit" action a working copy version is created in the Alfresco repository and a link between the working copy and original is created (based on the naming I presume?). It is always possible to perform a "Cancel editing" action. The document is downloaded to your local PC (or where you choose) and you can edit all you want!

So far so good. But when wanting to "check"in the document I cannot understand what the Alfresco engineers want the user to do?

When wanting to "checkIn" the working copy I would expect it to be possible to drag and drop the edited working copy into the folder in Alfresco were the working copy is placed. The drag and drop works as expected = the version of the working copy in Alfresco repository is increased. Unfortunately there is no "CheckIn" action???? How do I transform the working copy in the Alfresco repository into the original but with a new version?

I know that "Upload a new version" is possible and that this cancels the current working copy but the users are irritated of the tedious way of first finding the correct document -> pressing upload -> find the document locally -> select major/minor version…

Is there an easier way to use the upload new version? (I know it is possible to use CIFS and there is an checkIn/checkOut action but I would like to restrict the users to the Share Interface)..

The last resort is to customize a "checkIn" action…

Paths for solving this are appreciated.

Best Regards
Alfresco Project Manager