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I only need 1 can I simply do it with Alfresco?

Question asked by kingpin on Feb 16, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2010 by ssaravanan
Hello, my only purpose is store a big archive of files/directories (25GB)

I installed Alfresco Community edition on my server, I would like to choose a root (for exampe C:\myRoot\) and all files that I will copy on this root are automatically visible from Alfresco web browser's page and they are initially at version 0

then, each user can check out a file, that will be locked: other users are warned if they try to download the file with a message "this file is currently in revision by [username]"

when the user finishes editing the file, he will check-in the modified file, that will be version 1, all other users can now check out version 1 or see the old version 0

every a certain number of versions, the old versions are permanently deleted, for example when a user creates version 11 of a file, automatically version 1 is deleted and, so on, when a user creates version 12 of a file, automatically version 2 is deleted

network shared folders are NOT allowed between clients and server, the only way to download or upload files is open the browser and go to http:\\serverip:port and use Alfresco interface

I just want do that, please tell me how with Alfresco Community edition, in few simples steps and hiddening from the screen all other option that are not useful for the user, that can only do check-in check-out and get.

Or, if I'm wrong, please advise another software that can do that.