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How to login as internal user with SSO working?

Question asked by shazada on Feb 17, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2011 by rob
Hi guys,

First of all I'm not that active at the forums, because my company has an Enterprise partnership and I normally use the Alfresco Support.
I've seen the topics created here and a lot are very useful, so I'll try to be more active and post my questions on both sides.

My situation:
I've got Alfresco 3.2 Enterprise installed.
I need to have subsystems configured like this:
- Alfresco users (external) need to login in Share
- AD/LDAP users need to be synced in Alfresco, because users need to invite users from the company. So passthru just won't be enough.
- SSO needs to work for AD/LDAP users (which are synced in Share).

My subsystems chain is:
- alfrescoNtlm, passthru, ldap
- alfrecoNtlm: sso.enabled=false
- ldap:
- passthru: sso.enabled=true

I've done this, because when enabling sso in AlfrescoNtlm, I can't login with the AD/LDAP users EVEN when they are created/synced in Alfresco

By choosing this way SSO works for AD/LDAP users even in Share!
The problem is that now alfresco/external users can't login in Share. In Explorer they can use: alfresco/faces/jsp/login.jsp and they get logged in –> so no problem.
In Share I haven't found a way to use a login. I've tried share/login.jsp –> you'll get a simple (ugly) login and when I try to login –> SSO from passthru get's invoked.
This is done because of the NTLMAuthenticationFilter runs on all pages.

So I'm a bit stuck.