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CIFS - Files and Documents open as READ-ONLY

Question asked by dseybert on Feb 17, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2010 by ssaravanan
SO after countless installs of 3.0 Labs Stable, and then finding issues 1553 with regards to the stability of CIFS in the environment, we have migrated to 3.2 latest community version.  CIFS is now completely stable and works mapping wise flawlessly.  However, we are running into an issue:
Using either internal authentication or passthru i was able to replicate 3x on 3 diff installs of this 3.2 software.  WE create all the users, put them in the administrators group, and give them coordinator access to the entire repository.  Now comes the fun part.  If User A - (Administrator priv. and Coordinator role) (default administrator via passthru or admin/admin in internal) creates a document and saves it, fine, works, and can open and edit and save and close, and all options.  IF User A (passthru - Default admin, Admin Priv and Coordinator Role ) creates a document and saves it, fine , works and can open and edit and save and close and all other functions.  That's the environment, here's the problem. 

In both situations, if USER A creates the document, USER B, C , D E (all with admin rights and coordinator roles) tries to open docuemtn, it' ONLY OPENS in READ-ONLY, and they can't save original file. Secondly, USER B,C,D,E all can NOT save new documents to the repository via mapped drive with Appropriate Permissions. 
I have disabled autoversion in the content-model.xml to rule out versioning issues.

Please advise.