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Custom Aspect and Advanced Search

Question asked by _valerio_ on Feb 17, 2010
Hi everybody :D
I edited the files customModel and web-client-config-custom to add new Custom Aspects (as example: Sender, Receiver, ReceiverAddress, ecc..; ) to documents in a specific space; after applying a business rule, these Custom Aspects are added to the selected document. I also create a javascript code to set values in these Custom Aspect (as example: Sender=pippo). If I display the document's properties (on view details), the Custom Aspects and their values are observable and correct.
My problem is the following: when I perform an Advanced Search setting in the look for field the value pippo, the search doesn't return the document whom I added the Custom Aspects whith the value Sender=pippo, while if I set in the look for field the value of one of the default properties (as example the value of the field name) the result is OK.

where I did a mistake?

Please be tollerant with my english (I'm italian)