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Workflow auditing

Question asked by jyjohnson on Feb 17, 2010
Hi - I am new to Alfresco so pls forgive if this has already been explained/posted somewhere.

We have setup 5 document spaces (Step1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, and Rejected) and some workflow rules to enable users to approve (or reject) documents. The basic idea is documents will be uploaded into Step 1, and then "Approved" (by certain users) to move the doc to the next step. This appears to be working ok.

I have enabled auditing and can see some data in the alf_audit_ tables. I am trying to create a query that shows who has approved or rejected a given document. For approved, I need to show who approved it at each step.

Any ideas on this? I am a .net developer and have looked at some the web services (wsdl) but have not found anything that shows the audit or "approval" trail.