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MS Office addins - getting runtime error

Question asked by kinsfire on Oct 17, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2009 by kinsfire
I have run the gamut in trying to get the Office and/or Word add-ons to work with Office 2007. I have tried installing the community 3.2 version of Office (and Word), the community 3.2r version of same, and even the labs version. My computer has been updated to the most recent updates as of October 17, 2009 at noon EST. No matter if I run it as Administrator or as the user I am (who has admin rights), when I start Word and check Add-ins, it tells me that the Alfresco Office add-in cannot start because of a runtime error.

I only write this after trying all the other solutions that a Google search (or six) will bring me.

I am testing Alfresco on a home network before deploying it elsewhere, and NEED this Office connectivity before I can okay its use. The important things are:

Server - Ubuntu 9.04 new install followed by how2forge's install script - which installs the Ubuntu Alfresco package (s). There is at least 1 GB of memory available on the server, and connecting to the server via web browser is easy.

Client - XP v.2002 with SP3 on it, and Office 2007 with SP2. All updates have been run, as said above. The computer has a Celeron 2.4GHz chip with 1 GB of memory. Everything else runs perfectly on the client side - except the Alfresco add-in.

Any help?