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Surf Issue

Question asked by bineshbabu on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2012 by ddraper
Hi everybody,
    i am new to alfresco and surf platform. I want to develop a website on alfresco  ECM. how can i? . i think i want to use surf to develop  web site on alfresco ECM. But according to the surf developer guide given in the  Alfresco wiki. i could not create a surf project using STS. i could not see any spring template project  for surf in STS. i think the roo add-on and surf plugin is not correctly work in new sts versions.
And the version of STS in all the tutorial of surf is not available to download.
                i am using STS 2.3.2 version . can anyone  help me to create a surf project using STS 2.3.2 or in STS 2.8