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CMIS Query Maximum Results

Question asked by gclaussn on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2012 by gclaussn

I got a problem (maybe configuration problem), when querying via CMIS. I have a Alfresco repository with 100000 base documents (cmis:document).
The result set of a query (SELECT * FROM cmis:document), which should hit 100000 documents, provides only 1000 results. Also when skipping the first 500 results. The number of query results is not 1000 (500th to 1500th document), but 500. -> So if I the skip count is 1000, I got 0 results.
For data migration purposes I need partitioning, so that a migration process can be splitted, started and stopped at a defined point and all documents (or large a number of documents) can be fetched via query. So for example: 50000 documents are already processed. Then I would like to skip 50000 documents and process the next 50000 with maxItems=50000 and skipCount=50000.

This post: deals with the limitation of lucene results, but i don't know if this is already the solution. I'm testing with Alfresco 3.4.e

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