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Which document a custom action+dialog was started on?

Question asked by nicolasraoul on Feb 18, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2010 by nicolasraoul
Hello all,

Here is my scenario:
1) In the Alfresco Web Client, the user clicks on the "More actions" arrow of a document.
2) This "More actions" menu contains a "Process this document" item.
3) Clicking on this item calls the "MyCustomDialog" dialog.
4) This dialog's "init" method is called just after the click, right before showing the dialog (I checked with Eclipse debug).
5) In this "init" method, I do various things based on the document's name.

No problem with steps 1 to 4, I did everything as described on the Wiki.
But in step 5, I have no idea which document the user started the action on. :-(
- The "parameters" variable passed by the "init" method of the custom dialog is null.
- browseBean.getDocument() returns null too.

How can I know what document the action was started on?

Thanks a lot! :-)