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Architecture options for Alfresco WCM

Question asked by viralshah on Feb 18, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2010 by zaizi
I am new to Alfresco WCM and exploring the product. Basic question is we have a site to be developed which has @80% of the pages whos content needs to be managed by WCM but will not change everyday ( Maybe once in a month or quarter). The other pages would have some type of simple forms for the logged in users that will have to update the DB on submit.

In this scenario what would be the best option to architect the solution ?

1. Have the whole site (including the JSP pages : which mean the web application) part of WCM repository and publish the site as filecopy (FSR) to the live server. ( Live server not having alfresco)

2. Develop an independant web application deployed on application server & fetch the content from the staging Alfresco server using web scripts ?

What are the pros & cons. Is Option 1 feasible ? Can we have a full fledged web application using MVC-2 and framework like spring over there in WCM  or it can just be a JSP directly talking to DB with no middle layer?

If we need "search" feature on the website, can we still use option 1 ? Or we should embed something like Google search on one of the JSP page ?