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Sort Values for Types in Content Model

Question asked by jlabuelo on Feb 18, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2010 by jlabuelo
Hi all

I have an easy question however dont know if the answer is as easy  :) .

We would like to know if with Alfresco it is possible that when you define a new Type (dropdown list for example) the values are shown in an asc or desc mode.

I mean when we introduce this type in the contentModel.xml file

<constraint name="incis:valoresSeccion" type="LIST">
         <parameter name="allowedValues">
               <value>Ciencia y Tecnología</value>
               <value>Medio ambiente</value>
               <value>Suplemento Escolar</value>
               <value>Suplemento Universidad</value>
               <value>Suplemento Mercados</value>
               <value>Suplemento Euro</value>
               <value>Suplemento Negocios</value>               

Is it possible that to the user these values are shown in an sort order, or shall we order the values in the list manually first??

Thanks a lot