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lookup and selection web form

Question asked by josetayl on Oct 19, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2009 by johanpi
My requirement is to create a form that lets users search against a search of criteria, display the search results and allow them to select some of the results. The users might also do another search and add some more items to the previous selected results.

The creation of the search criteria is easily done using XSD. I have a dynamic include which uses a webscript to query an external data source for all the possible search values, i.e. populates the drop downs.

However, i cannot see how I can;

1. Display a search button within the same WCM form without writing some custom workflow/wizard. The search button would call an external service and it would be ideal to have it call a web script.
2. Display a list of results in tabular format (guessing a dojo widget!!)
3. Allow users to select results and do another new search.

Are there any examples of complex widgets which also include custom buttons?