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Restrict group assignment for bpm:groupAssignees aspect

Question asked by esheehan on Oct 19, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2009 by esheehan
We've got a workflow model with some tasks that include the bpm:groupAssignees aspect and we'd like to restrict the list of groups available to this association to some list. When a user opens this task during the course of the workflow the widget that allows them to select the groups for this association should only display allowed groups.

Is it possible to use constraints to restrict the allowable associations so that these restrictions are enforced at the data model level? Or will we have to just allow the data model any association with a usr:authorityContainer node and use a custom control that only displays the groups we want to allow users to select?

I've seen some other topics about restricting user selection in tasks. There was some hand waving about pooled tasks and custom component generators, but I saw no definitive solution. Any guidance would be appreciated.