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Tunning / Setting up CIFS

Question asked by raphaelk on Feb 24, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2012 by mitpatoliya
Hi !

I'm trying to find some information about alfresco's 4 (Installed Version :Community - v4.0.0 (4003)) fileServer subsystem, and CIFS.

I red many documentation on this forum and on the alfresco's documentation about the subsystem in general, and CIFS in particulary, but i didn 't find what I look for (maybe I misunderstood  :wink:  )

Here it is : on my alfresco server, I can reach CIFS from a client using \\Alfrescoa ; at this point, I see 2 folders : one called "alfresco" and one called "AVM".

The AVM seem to contain sub folder, but nothing really useful (for me) ; I don t really know what is is about.
The Alfreso share contains sites folder.

I would like to remove the AVM from the share, and point the alfresco to the top of the repository. I spotted the "rootFolder" settings as the main option for this behaviour, but I can t figure out where it needs to be changed in subsys file-servers-context.xml file or, or both ? It is possible to add another folder in \\alfrescoa root pointing to a particular sub repository ?

Ex: \\alfrescoa\alfresco => Pointing to root repository
      \\alfrescoa\site=> Pointing to site repository
      \\alfrescoa\template=> Pointing to sub repository

The file settings tree is not clear for me … (xml vs flat file)