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Alfresco-Openldap - Problems Error, help me

Question asked by pmaurelli on Feb 24, 2012
Good forum, I'm Pablo from Argentina presented, and in my job we are implementing an intranet and are testing several open systems, and what more needs to block the Alfresco, I've installed on a Ubuntu Server version 11 is installed perfectly but I can not integrate with OpenLDAP, clarified that we use only OPENLDAP no AD (Active directory) the issue is that I read almost all statutes, manuals, but something is missing configuration or setting I'm not good parameters.
I need to know if anyone managed to integrate Alfresco with OpenLDAP only, way to make them some doubts / questions I have.

1. Knowing well that configuration files must be edited to integrate with OpenLDAP??
2. In my OPENLDAP I configure something or know something else, such as chain link, etc??
3. The following parameters rather than to know:

ldap.authentication.userNameFormat = uid =% s, ou = people, dc = UNIOVI, dc = com
# The default principal to use (only Used for LDAP sync) = cn = admin, dc = UNIOVI, dc = com
# The LDAP user to connect as to do the export operation. = cn = admin, dc = UNIOVI, dc = com
# The search base of the query to find people to import
ldap.synchronisation.personSearchBase = ou = people, dc = UNIOVI, dc = com
ldap.synchronization.userSearchBase = ou = people, dc = UNIOVI, dc = com
# The search base to use to find group objects
ldap.synchronization.groupSearchBase = ou = groups, dc = UNIOVI, dc = com
# The attribute on LDAP group objects to map to the gid property in Alfrecso
ldap.synchronisation.groupIdAttributeName = cn
# The cron expression defining when to people Imports Should Take Place
ldap.synchronisation.import.person.cron = 0 * / 10 ***?
# The cron expression defining when to group Imports Should Take Place = 0 30 ***?
# Should all groups be cleared out at import time?
# - This is safe as groups are Not Used in Alfresco for other things (unlike person objects Which You Should never clear out DURING an import)
# - Setting this to true Means old group definitions will be tidied up. = true </ pre>

and if there is something more to install and / or set, of course grateful.