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my-workflows customization

Question asked by mir on Feb 26, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by supta
I'm about to embark on the task of customizing the my-workflows component to include a filter for workflows completed by the user and workflows where the user has ever been an assignee or a <custom assignee>. I've done quite some searching, but my alfresco knowledge is limited - just around 1 month since I first started - and I'm quite unsure as to which direction I take with this task. Where are the parameters really parsed for this kind of search? I've seen the model being filled up in javascript, I've seen formal parameters like "dueDate>x" in filter xmls, but knowledge of underlying mechanics is consistently eluding me. Where do I look for that? What would I have to extend? Could definitely use a push in the right direction here.