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Javascript : ignore the usual Alfresco security and ACL perm

Question asked by zomurn on Feb 19, 2010

I'am using the add-in word for alfresco to integrate word 2003 document directly into the alfresco repository.
When the user click "save to alfresco", the document is imported (or mapped) to an alfresco "dummy" folder which only contains a rule which apply over all incoming documents.
So, this "dummy" folder is useless and has no need to be visible through web client : at the root tree (/Alfresco)
But behind the button "save to alfresco" (in the word add in), the .js code associated need to have a reference to this node and then a user need to have "consumer" access for that.
So my question is : how can I hide this folder in web client but allow read/write in the alfresco word add-in ?

Thanks for your answers.