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Alfresco 3.2 portlet automatic authentication

Question asked by pmminov on Feb 19, 2010

I need help with this and I can't find a soltuion so far, the closest i got was this

I got Liferay and Alfresco with CAS both working, i followed the Alfresco Wiki for CAS authentication, which states to make a few changes on web.xml and to replace the authentication filter so it takes the CAS ticket and log me as the right user in aflresco

When I try to do the same but using Alfresco scripts for portlets, Alfresco CAS won't work, keep sending me to guest profile

I assumed that since its a webscript the filter to be changed should be the webscript auth filter, but nothing happened, still on guest….

Whats the difference between running Alfresco outside and inside Liferay that keeps CAS from working?

the wiki for Alfresco CAS was