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OpenLDAP sync and CIFS authentication in 3.2r2

Question asked by shmoula on Feb 19, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2010 by dward
  I'm trying to get LDAP sync and native Alfresco auth running, but I still have problems with that. Alfresco synchronises users with OpenLDAP and I can login into user's account via WebExplorer, but when I try to connect to CIFS, I'm still getting [org.alfresco.smb.protocol.auth] User does not exist, Someuser for user imported from OpenLDAP, but when I try to connect like user created inside Alfresco, It works. I'm using simple authentication in LDAP and my users passwords are saved unencrypted (in Alfresco 3.2 this worked for me fine).

My chain:

Ntlm Properties:

LDAP properties:

Where can be a problem? Thanks in advance!